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Copyright   2010 by Michael Corob.     All rights reserved.



       "We Carry the Torch" from Story Paintings from the Heart

                                                              We carry the torch,

                                                       a collective spirit passed on to us.

                                                   As we learn and share, love and care,

                                                         the flame grows brighter.

When our turn ends, we will pass the torch,

and sit with the rest of the team

to watch and cheer on the next runner,

until the end of the race,

where there is only light,

when we rejoice and celebrate

in a time with no time, only love.

I envision all life forces on Earth

and on other planets

carrying torches of life,

running forward,

each in their own way:

the brave dinosaur, the bold tree,

the graceful bird, and the hard-working ant.

Each torch growing stronger

within the individual,

family, community, and world.

I see God smiling, sometimes cheering loudly

from his owners box in the stadium.

At other times

he whispers softly to each runner,

glancing at his master plan on his lap,

tapping his feet

to the great pulse of life

that he created.


Copyright   2010.  by Michael Corob.  All rights reserved.

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