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                           Ceramic Tiles


Michael is happy to announce that he has purchased and set up all a high resolution

printer and a Tile heat press. He can now print dye sublimation tiles of his own art

and image from other creative people.

His new business is Youani Arts, and his vision is: Youani create art that brightens our world.
By helping people share their art he helps make our world a little brighter, one glowing tile at a time.
You may provide Michael with a digital image or choose from over a dozen designs that

he has created from his original artwork.


                                           Call Michael (805-934-5835) for more information.

                                                     Michael 's  Ceramic Tiles

 Nature Images              Animal & Imaginative Images


The tiles are 5x8" or 5x5", and cost $20 each (unframed), $35 (framed). 3x3" cork coasters are $6 each. Contact Michael for availability of specific tiles or to place a special order.

Here is how it works.

This involves printing with special software on an Epson printer that has been modified to work with sublimation inks.  The sublimation inks consist of a liquid in which color particles are suspended.  Also, the printer paper is a specially coated paper to which the ink will adhere. The printed images are attached to ceramic tile that have a special sublimation coating.  Then the tile, with the attached paper, are put into a press at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 7 minutes. With the high temperature the color particles in the ink "sublime"; that is, they change from solid to gas, and the gas is chemically bonded into the sublimation coating of the tile. As a result, the image on the tile will not wash off and is even very tolerant to high temperature and frequent exposure to sunlight.


Copyright   2011.  by Michael Corob.  All rights reserved.

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