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                                                          Stripe’s Window

I wonder what Stripe sees when he looks out his window.

Perched on his pillow throne like a king,

does he watch the shifting winter winds

blow over the blue landscape?

Does he look for something lost:

a lady cat friend he sees on his morning walks outside?

Perhaps he is waiting for the sun
to break through the clouds

so he can lay next to the sliding glass door

and soak in the warmth.

His eyes are so still.

He watches for an hour or two,

licks his paws, washes his face,

and curls into a ball for his afternoon nap.

Does he notice the changes:

the leaves that drop,

the colder mornings, and the shorter days?

Does he wait for summer to return?

Maybe he knows about the seasons,

and takes pleasure in the great process.

Maybe he doesn’t know, doesn’t care,

just takes pleasure from each day.

Maybe he wonders why I sit perched on my chair

for hours watching him.

Michael Corob




Copyright  © 2010.  by Michael Corob.  All rights reserved.

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