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Stripe on Vacation

It is good to be a cat on vacation.

No worries, no fears, no pesky mocking birds,

no barking chasing dogs,

no need to find shelter from the elements.

All is taken care of.

I can spend all day lounging on the deck,

soaking in the delicious sunlight,

allowing my fat belly to sag pleasantly

on the warm cement sidewalk.

Rich moist food is abundant

in a brightly colored dish only a paw away.

Cool crisp water flows freely from a stream,

much better than the metal sprinkler heads at home.

My favorite part though is being engrossed in nature:

walking through the soft paths,

rubbing my side and tail against the sensuous green leaves,

smelling the blooming honeysuckle,

and licking the morning dew before it fall.

I have taken this trip in my mind hundreds of times,

but I have not let myself time off of the rat race.

Iím glad that the boss decided that I needed a rest.

Now I am back home again,

but I will be come back soon

in my imagination and in my catnap dreams,

where I will allow my fat belly to sag

on the warm cement sidewalk.

Michael Corob




Copyright  © 2010.  by Michael Corob.  All rights reserved.

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