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                 "A Question about Sunflowers"  from  

                      Story Paintings in our Hearts  

"Mom, why do sunflowers grow so tall, "

asked the young calf to his mother,

"Is it because they are trying to touch the sky?"

A chocolate brown horse galloped over the hill towards them.

"I think that they grow tall so quickly

so we canít eat them when their seeds are ready.

Survival of the fittest, Iíd say." responded the horse.

The mother cow had her ideas, but she thought that it would be good

for her son to consider other points of view and to form his own conclusion.

The young calf sprung up and briskly walked between the sunflower stalks,

examining them from every angle.

He considered that they, like the tree, were there to provide shade.

He thought that maybe they wanted to be as close to the sun as possible,

so their seeds could be warmed by the sun.

The mother cow praised her young son for thinking such fine thoughts.

She asked him how he was like the sunflower.

He first laughed, and told her was not at all like the sunflower.

He had four legs, and he could move around as he pleased.

He had fur to keep him warm,

so he didnít need to reach high towards the sun.

He provided shade for no one.

The patient mother again praised her child, then responded,

" I think that sunflowers are examples of beings that know who they are,

and proudly share their gifts with the world.

They grow quickly, then fall quickly,

They are reminders of how wonderful and temporary life is."

She smiled and continued,

" You are like a sunflower in all these ways, so hold your head high

and fully breath in the fresh air around you while you are young.

Later you will be wise, yet fat like me.

You will look at the fallen sunflowers

and remember how tall and strong they were too,

and you will help your children learn about life.í

Her son turned and trotted towards the sunflowers again.

She only understood a small part of his motherís sermon,

But he liked hearing her answer,

and was eager to try to make a little more sense of the world.


Copyright  © 2010.  by Michael Corob.  All rights reserved.

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