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Copyright   2010 by Michael Corob.     All rights reserved.



            "Molding" from Story Paintings  Connecting Hearts

When will I gel," asked the young swirl,

"and what will my mold be?"


The surrounding mature ranges smiled,

admiring the swirl's beautiful tapestry evolving.

A jiggling orange dome said, "It may not seem clear to you,

but your shape is forming marvelously. 

Be patient my child."


"It is all so confusing," responded the swirl,

"I am green one day,

and blue and white the next.

I feel dizzy from all the activity."


A pair of identical hills responded together,

"You are fortunate that you have the opportunity

to become what you want to be.

When we were young, our form was dictated by our parents.

Enjoy your freedom:

you will become taller and fuller than any of us."


The elder mountain,

overlooking the valley from a plateau, concluded,

"I have seen many forms rise and mold in my years.

Our outer shape changes many times.

The changes come from learning from our experiences

to allow your true self to evolve.

I have reached my prime, and am flat on top.

Soon I  will sag.

Hopefully I will sag gracefully."


The young swirl calmly peered through its epicenter

at the large mounds surrounding her.

She was surprised to discover

that they were not singular in color or shape.

Instead, they radiated color, texture and life.

She understood that molding

was a wonderful process to enjoy,

not a shape to become..


Copyright   2010.  by Michael Corob.  All rights reserved.

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