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Copyright   2010 by Michael Corob.     All rights reserved.



 "From Where I am I see" from Story Paintings in our Hearts
















Text Box:  
"From Where I am I See"
From where I am Isee
a lifetime of possibilities.  
The railing of my balcony is marble,
they say,
but its touch is cold to me.
In the distance is a magenta castle,
full of kings and princesses, 
I am sure.
If I wanted to,
 I could go down my stairs
and step onto the orange-brick path.
I would pass by lime green bushes 
and meandering bridges.





Text Box:  
The water below the bridges
wouldbe cool and crisp,
with fat Koi fish lazily bathing.
The currents would splash
joyfully against the creek side,
sending rocks tumbling 
in random directions.
I can see myself approaching 
the towering door 
and lifting the brass knocker.


Copyright   2010.  by Michael Corob.  All rights reserved.

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